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 🔲 What is data type: You can assign different types of values to a variable such as a number or a string. In JavaScript, there are two categories of data types. there are mainly two type of data type 

1) Premitive

2) Reference  

🔲 Premitive data type: Premitive data types are mainly 5 type 

1) Number: Its basicaly number value example (1,2,3--n)

2) Strings: Its basicaly consider as a text whoise allways input value under cotetion example: ('code prime'), ('22').

3) Bulean: Its basicaly ( True Or false ) Logical situation.

4) Undefined: Its basicaly the storing variable hase no value . example: let height; height hase no value.

5) Null: its basicaly nulll whoise means no type.

🔲 Reference data type: Reference are mainly 4 type

1) Arays: Its basicaly work multipile data types.

2) Object: Its can be show the info of object 

3) Function: Its make the system whoise can aply all of the data type and can be make them separate types of work.

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